Our Cleaning Process

Our Cleaning Process Bend OR 541-516-1231We pre inspect every rug in order to determine fiber type, construction type, dye, stability, and soiling level in order to provide the proper washing techniques.

We then run your rug trough the dusting phase in which all dry soil is removed prior to washing. This is a crucial step, as wool rugs can hold an astonishing amount of dirt and still look clean.

After dusting your rug will receive dye stability testing and treated to stabilize dyes if necessary. We then pre-treat for spots,stains, and pet damage/odor using proven wool safe chemicals.

You rug will now be cleaned in a professional rug washing pit. This is the only   thorough way to clean and rinse woven wool rugs.

Finally rugs will be hung and speed dried.

After the drying process all rugs are re-inspected, groomed, and then rolled up to be delivered back to the customer.

Wool safe fiber protector also available.